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Designer: Wulkuraka Designs

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The Red Kangaroo is the largest of the kangaroo species in Australia. Known for their strength and strong will they are also apart of our Dreamtime and are expressed as protectors to our young ones in the family group.

Inspired by the artist and her adventures on Kullili Land (South West Queensland Australia) this BIG RED is handcrafted with acrylic paint mixed with ochre and resin. All Wulkuraka earrings have stainless steel postings for sensitive ears. These light weight earrings are perfect for any occasion.



  • Bamboo
  • Stainless steeling postings
  • Acrylic paint
  • Red Ochre
  • Epoxy resin


  • Kangaroo - 8 cm x 4 cm 
  • Circle - 1.5 cm - 2 cm diameter


Please note:

Every earring is individually made and at Wulkuraka Designs we try our best to keep the consistency through out all our designs. The colour of this design is a natural bamboo and painted colours, due to various digital screen images the colour may be different on screen. Please contact Wulkuraka Designs if you have any questions. We have tried to produce the best images accurate to the product. Shipping: For all jewellery purchases the shipping cost within Australia is $8.50. This is to cover a tracking number for you to have.