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Wulkuraka Designs


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x Earrings made to empower you through the darkness x

These dangles embraces STRENGTH and CONNECTION to our inner warrior.

We have all witnessed sadness and loss in our lives and yet we don't credit ourselves with our bravery.

These unique earrings urge you to display your warrior spirit and to take on all challenges you face.

Various (red dot paths) on Warrior Dangles and will be sent out in random dots.

Personal Note - This design has been inspired by my grandfather country Kullili and Yuggera where my poppy worked so hard keeping our land free. He was and will always be my Warrior.

Material & Size:

  • Bamboo
  • Echinda Quills (tribal source & cleanse/smoked out)
  • Acrylic paint mixed with red ochre 
  • Bamboo circle are 2 cm in diameter with 2 mm thickness 
  • Length of quills can vary (total length of whole earring around 6-8 cm)


  • Please the warrior spirit in a small enclosed box Wulkuraka Designs will provide or contain in a spacey jewellery box. 
  • Quills may sharp, if irritated please use a soft sandpaper from a hardware store and softly rub the ends for 2 mins. -  Wulkuraka Designs has left them as natural as possible.


*Rare collection from Wulkuraka Designs 

Please note: 

Every earring is individually made and at Wulkuraka Designs we try our best to keep the consistency through out all our designs. The colour of this design is two tone acrylic plus paint, but due to various digital screen images the colour may be different on screen. Please contact Wulkuraka Designs if you have any questions. We have tried to produce the best images accurate to the product. 


For all jewellery purchases the shipping cost within Australia is $9.70 for regular postage and $12.70 for express postage. This is to cover a tracking number for you to have.