Thoughts Of Asthma & I

Thoughts Of Asthma & I


I just wanted to write my feelings down about my relationship with "art".

The canvas (to me) of an artist's life often encompasses diverse colours, textures, and emotions. I identify as Aboriginal, battling asthma, navigating my own personal spiritual depths, and grapple with mental health struggles, the canvas takes on a uniquely intricate tapestry. In this blog, I hope to navigate these intersecting aspects with a profound strength from my culture, turning life's challenges into profound works of art.


Myself, dealing with asthma and mental health struggles, reconnecting with my ancestral heritage becomes a profound source of strength. The Dreamtime stories, traditions, and connection to the land serve as anchors, reminding myself of my identity and the resilience that flows through my veins. (Shout out to my nan!)


Navigating life as an Aboriginal artist with asthma presents a poetic dance of breath. Each inhalation I believe becomes a tribute to the land's spirit, a reminder of the shared rhythm between humans and nature. The act of creating art becomes a dialogue with the wind, a celebration of breath itself, and an artistic embodiment of the ancient relationship between myself and my surroundings.

In the midst of life's challenges, spirituality often provides a compass for navigating the storms. I draw strength from their spiritual beliefs, finding solace in the wisdom of my ancestors and the interconnectedness of all living things.  My art is infused with the energy of the sacred, embodying the spiritual journey that intertwines with their creative process.


I, alike other artists often channel their inner turmoil into my creations, transforming pain into beauty. For Aboriginal artists dealing with mental health struggles, the canvas becomes a sanctuary for expression, where I can lay bare my emotions, fears, and hopes. 


Despite the challenges I face, me having asthma and mental health concerns exemplify the resilience that is inherent to my culture. The act of creating becomes a lifeline, a way to process emotions and find moments of peace. I like to think through my art, I shatter stigmas, encouraging open conversations about mental health within Australian communities and beyond.


The journey of being an Aboriginal artist grappling with asthma, spiritual depth, and mental health struggles is one of profound complexity and beauty. With each brushstroke, I forge a path of resilience, turning adversity into masterpieces of self-discovery and healing. By sharing my stories and art, I empower my dark days to find strength in their intersections, reminding me that our experiences, no matter how multifaceted, can be transformed into a canvas of hope and resilience.

Link to a recent commission with Asthma Australia -


Ailsa x


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