The Artist Bio

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Ailsa Walsh-Davidson is the owner & artist behind Wulkuraka Designs. Ailsa is connected to the Kullili & Lardil nations via tribal bloodlines & connected to Yuggera nation through family. Ailsa has been practicing Aboriginal art techniques since she was 5 years old. Growing up in a art family she inherited her skills and knowledge though her elders.

Ailsa has been an actor/writer since 2005. She graduated at the Aboriginal Centre for Performing Arts and went onto to study in New York at the New York Film Academy as a film actor. While continuing her career in the film industry she sold her first piece of art at the age of 27. Prior to that Ailsa was hesitated on selling her Aboriginal artwork due to protocol, after gaining permission and felt she was old enough to share her art she opened her business in 2013. In 2018 she re-branded her business called Wulkuraka Designs. Named after a train station where she spent 3 years travelling to and from acting college. 

Ailsa drives strength from her grandparents who were both apart of the stolen generation. Her main love for love is the landscape she surrounds herself in. You will always be engulfed in Ailsa's stories and knowledge of her culture in her artwork.



Outside the art world of Wulkuraka Designs, Ailsa is a Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Health Worker in the mental health sector. She hopes to bridge the gap of Indigenous people accessing mental health services and have their voices heard. Ailsa is currently studying a Bachelor of Psychological Science where she hopes to open her own clinic catering to both westernise approaches to mental illness and Aboriginal art therapy to combine both westernise and traditional therapy. It will be the first clinic of its kind in Australia.


 - Dream Big -