Dali Mura

This blog post is very much long over due but here we are. It is 1:15am at the moment & yes having a small business means late nights & less sleep - not advised. I just wanted to welcome you to my website & welcome to having a small peak into my world. At this moment I am watching a crime show (real crime), my belly is rumbling, & my cat is wedged inbetween my legs. Which is great for her but now if I want to get a feed & I am going to feel guilty about moving her. 

- (( Also a side note, my grammar might be way off writing these blogs, I am dyslexic which sucks & my husband who usually proof reads everything is asleep. So if any words or sentences don’t make any sense then well…oh well ha-ha )) -

My intentions for future blogging is to talk about topics such as future projects, designing ideas & specials…..but I might break that “professional blogging” notes & write blogs about mental illness, rules around hiring an Aboriginal artist. Why you can’t make & sell Aboriginal art if you are not Aboriginal. Also maybe just an honest opinion about our culture. (Hint- Don’t rely on the news, it is all negative)

Also I might give you a instant in on my life & what I experienced because one of my mates told me I should actually write a book, my life is that interesting (shoutout to my babe Danielle). I don’t think I can write my full story, you would be in shock, but maybe if I have the strength I can give you a glimpse.

I will try & start now….

My name is Ailsa. I am a Aboriginal woman. Bloodlines to Kullilli & Lardil tribes in Queensland Australia. I also am a Yuggera woman from my family & by lore. 

I am a wife, fur baby mama, daughter to a black man, daughter to white woman. I am an artist, been an artist for over 20 years. I am also a Advanced Aboriginal Health Worker. My main background is helping our mob through emotional & social wellbeing (mental illness). I have really bad asthma, like death is knocking asthma. It is terrible. I have beeen diagnosed in my 20s with depression & anxiety. Now days it is usually anxiety that holts me.

I am in uni studying Aboriginal Art & taking units in Psychology Science, I guess my goal is to become an Art Therapist, but to call yourself that you literally have to jump though hoops. Even if I do cultural healing art classes I have to be careful what I do & say…..that is for another blog. 

You will get to know me more & more with each blog but for now I think I should try & sleep. I hope you like my products & what I have in store for the future. For now, I wish you good night & I hope you are doing good.

Ailsa x

PS- I like to end with some photos just to make this look deadly


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