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Wulkuraka Designs

GUARDIANS OF THE WARER (Crocodile Earrings)

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 Wulkuraka Designs presents - Guardians of the Water.

The symbolism of the Crocodile earrings is steeped in rich cultural significance. In Aboriginal lore, the Crocodile is considered a guardian spirit & a symbol of protection, guarding sacred sites. Representing the deep ancestral wisdom that has been passed down through generations.

Celebration of Aboriginal Culture: The creation of the Crocodile Earrings goes beyond their aesthetic appeal; it is a celebration of Aboriginal culture and heritage. By integrating the crocodile motif into contemporary jewellery design, Wulkuraka Designs fosters a deeper appreciation for Aboriginal artistry and the timeless wisdom embedded in its symbolism.

All Wulkuraka earrings have stainless steel postings for sensitive ears. These light weight earrings are perfect for any occasion. With a black shimmering stud with dots representing a yarning circle.